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Where You Fit In With Safety And Security Training

Rest assured that if your business entails full-fledged packaging of materials monitored by the US Department of Transport’s Title 49 for non-bulk packaging and intermediate bulk container packaging, you and your staff could be summoned to attend compulsory training. You could be required to register for a workshop in hazmat training. This is not to be shunned and it is all for a good cause.

Your packaging materials could be hazardous. If not that, it is destined for hazardous use. If such goods pose any sort of danger to packaging environments and destined environments, it is imperative that you and your staff know how to manage these materials. At this stage, you no longer need an excuse to avoid registering for a workshop. Scheduling allows you to manage time off of work.

Let a registration consultant assist you with the managing of potential downtime for your business. And in any case, what is the thing you have been telling your staff all these years? If you haven’t got the time, then make the time. Practice what you preach then. Lead by example. Numerous subjects are available to be covered in the areas of familiarity and safety and security training. Training is also function specific, so this should allow you to focus fully on how your business is handled. Your in-depth training will not be generalized and irrelevant.

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In any case, the above Title 49 says that ongoing training is required at least every three years. This is for those companies that are indeed handling hazardous materials. There are also civil and criminal penalties for non-attendance to bear in mind. You wouldn’t want this. It could be costly to your business. And you wouldn’t want to avoid necessary training. That could be even more costly.